Commander Tournaments


Join us for Magic: the Gathering Commander Events

Most Excellent Comics & Gaming will be hosting Commander Tournaments.


Join us on the specific dates listed below for our Commander Events


Event Details

Join us every week on the follow dates:


Sunday's at 1:00PM - Entry $10.00



Players can register in store for events


League Rules

Commander Tournaments will have special League Rules for players to follow:

+1 - Eliminating another player. (If a player concedes they will award this point to winner of this game)

+1 - Deal the first combat damage

+1 - Win your Pod

+1 - Achieve Super Friends (Four Planeswalkers in Play at the same time)

-1 - Each consecutive turn taken beyond the second in a turn. (This doesn't apply after the 6th turn in the game.



Players will accumulate points from weekly events and they will be added to the leader board. At the end of the month, players with the highest points will earn special prizes!


League Points